360 Degree & Extended Reality Media

Montage of Mixed Reality and 360 Video Projects, from Equational Media

Extended Reality refers to media that goes beyond the bounds of traditional 2D screens – mostly Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and 360 Video. We’ve been getting our feet wet with some 360 videos and VR projects, creatively and technically. We’ve filmed a 360 wedding, contributed to a live stream in VR, and helped implement a 360 sitcom.

HTC Documentary

Equational Media - HTC Documentary on Eadweard Muybridge

Created a micro documentary on the history of photography as a promotion for the OneX phone, from HTC, that paid homage to motion photography pioneer Eadweard Muybridge. This came out of the idea to reproduce, via the phone camera’s “burst” feature (new at the time), a modern version of the very first motion picture ever produced. Immersing myself in the history of the art and science behind the very earliest days of the movies was exciting, enlightening, and spiritual. Via Mofilm and The Mother Agency.

SyFy Logo Animation

SyFy Channel Logo Bumper

An animation of the SyFy Network’s logo, via a series of commissions via Tongal, the crowd-sourced producing platform. My first real 3D animated production. Challenging but rewarding!

Volicon It!

Volicon It! a commercial from Equational Media

A commercial for Volicon’s digital monitoring technology, used for quality assurance of television broadcasts. Volicon has since become part of Verizon Communications.

Cool Planet Awards Video

Cool Planet Awards presentation featuring Californai Governor Jerry Brown, from TigerComm

Developed motion graphics, as visually designed by Vincent Burkhead Studio, for the keynote video presented at the annual Cool Planet Award ceremony from The Climate Registry. The video itself was put together by clean tech marketing firm TigerComm. Once the graphical look and feel was defined and the assets delivered, they were animated using Adobe After Effects and Premiere. A quick, two day turnaround from initial proposal to final delivery, and a rewarding challenge.

Ideations – NASA Zero Robotics Promotions

NASA Zero Robotics - a STEM competition - promotions

Came up with promo ideas for Zero Robotics, a STEM competition sponsored by MIT and NASA for pre-college students. The crowdsourcing creative platform Tongal put out the call for these ideations, and I was fortunate to have several of them chosen to be produced and directed by talented and creative filmmakers through the same platform.

“A Life In Movies”

A Life In Movies - a scifi documentary from French Connection Films

French Connection Films hired me to do production sound on a series of documentaries about scifi topics in film, such as robots and aliens. We got to sit down with accomplished actors, directors, writers, producers and scholars to talk about their work…

The Verge At CES

The Verge at CES

I was a Production Assistant for The Verge (Vox Media) when they covered the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I love when the content of whatever I’m working on is as interesting as the work itself, and that was definitely the case here. Besides actually seeing all the tech and engineering, it was the first time I got to witness first hand how a media team covers an international cultural and industry event as prominent as CES.

Application Security Commercial

Application Security - Database Security Is Important - crowd sourced commercial

Directed and co-wrote this very low budget, but very fun crowd-sourced commercial for the company once known as Application Security. The idea was to promote their security products, and we did that by pointing out bad security plans – in a manner deliberately over the top!

Training Videos – WM Inc.

Waste Management training video still - PPE

Produced a series of training videos for Waste Management, focused on their waste and recycling audit streams. Over the course of several years and several intiatives, visited plants in several cities in order to gather footage and deliver videos viewed by thousands of employees of this Fortune 500 company. So much was learned about trash!